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6 Commercial Facilities That Should Be Using a Gas Detection Service

Posted: November 15th, 2021

Gas detection service is real-time monitoring of your commercial facility’s gas detectors. Similar to fire or burglar alarm monitoring, a gas detection monitoring service can alert the appropriate personnel when an unsafe concentration appears in your facility. Rather than constantly checking on their condition, you can hire a professional monitoring company to do it for you.

All Protect Systems, Inc. has been offering fire and life safety services to Ontario area businesses since 1996. In addition to gas detection, they also offer fire alarm systems, fire extinguishers and hoses, fire safety plans, annual and monthly inspections, and emergency and exit lighting. They’ve identified a list of municipal/commercial facilities that should use a gas detection service, including the following.

1. Residential Apartment Buildings

If you’re a landlord renting a residential space in Ontario, the Ontario Fire Code requires you to provide a carbon monoxide detector in each unit if the following conditions are met:

  • If a fuel-burning appliance is located in the dwelling, a carbon monoxide detector must be installed adjacent to each sleeping area.
  • If the building contains a service room, both the service room and the areas adjacent to sleeping quarters within the apartments must have carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Apartments in a building with a garage also require carbon monoxide detectors next to bedrooms.

An average of 11 people die from carbon monoxide poisoning in Ontario each year. Carbon monoxide detectors with monitoring can help reduce that number. 

2. Chemical Plants

Chemical manufacturing can produce noxious gases that irritate the eyes, nose, and throat. If someone in the plant inhales air with a large concentration of harmful gas, he can suffer from nausea and even lose consciousness and die. Even non-toxic gases can displace oxygen and suffocate anyone in the area.

The chemicals that produce these gases are stored in chemical containers that can be easily transported around the plant. Therefore, portable gas detectors make sense since they can accompany the substances they’re monitoring throughout the building.

3. Oil and Gas Sector

Every phase of oil and gas operations involves dangerous and combustible gases that can explode when subjected to high temperatures. During the extraction, refinement, or transportation of petroleum products, explosions and fire are always possible when gas levels become too high.

The Ontario Fire Code requires gas detectors in all refining facilities. These gas detectors should be placed in strategic locations to detect the buildup of these dangerous gases.

4. Distilleries

Alcoholic beverages are created through the fermentation and distillation of agricultural grain products. The grain mash is heated during the distilling process until the alcohol vaporizes for collection in a cooling condenser. 

Unfortunately, the process creates ethanol gas which can build up to dangerous levels. Therefore, gas detectors are critical and required by law to monitor gas levels within the distillery.

5. Mining

Mining operations can generate unsafe levels of toxic and combustible gases like methane and HS2. Mines can also develop high levels of other gases, which can displace oxygen and asphyxiate the mine workers.

Gas detectors with appropriate monitoring reduce the risk of dangerous explosions and ensure the mine has plenty of oxygen-rich air.

6. Semiconductor Factories

Semiconductor production requires gases throughout the manufacturing process in the wafer dryers, wafer reactors, and gas cabinets. Gas is necessary for photolithography, doping, deposition, and etching. More specifically, the gases catalyze the molecules of the semiconductor wafers to produce the diodes and transistors.

Dangerous levels of these gases can lead to catastrophic results, and IoT toxic gas detectors are the best way to monitor them. Well placed and monitored detectors can prevent the spread of the gas and even detect the source.

If you’re operating any type of business that requires gas detection, consider a professionally monitored system. The gas detection experts at All Protect Systems are pleased to offer their assistance. Call them today to find out what they can do for you!