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6 Benefits of Having Routine Fire Safety Inspections

Posted: October 15th, 2021

Fire safety inspections are a crucial aspect of life and property protection for every Ontario business. While you can perform routine inspections yourself, many local enterprises have chosen All Protect Systems, Inc. to do it for them. They have the training and expertise to identify and correct fire safety hazards in residential, industrial, office, and retail buildings. 

Depending on the requirements dictated by the Ontario Fire Code, inspections may be necessary annually, semi-annually, quarterly, or even weekly. While such frequent inspections may seem onerous, there are several benefits to routing fire safety inspections, such as:

1) Life Safety

Approximately 70 people die each year from fires in the Ontario area, excluding the First Nation’s properties, and injuries average more than 700. While occasional fires are bound to happen, business owners should do everything possible to ensure that their properties are as safe as possible. Regular inspections of your fire alarms, fire extinguishers and hoses, gas detection, and emergency and exit lighting can help save lives in your building.

2) Property Protection

Buildings are a major financial investment, and even though they’re insured, downtime can severely impact your business operations. Don’t allow a minor fire to grow into something serious. Proper fire safety equipment and procedures can turn a potential disaster into a temporary inconvenience. 

3) Legal Compliance 

The Ontario Fire Code mandates periodic fire safety inspections of nearly every commercial premise. Depending on the occupancy type, yours may require weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annual inspections. While life safety and property protection are paramount, business owners and operators must also comply with the Ontario Fire Marshal’s requirements. The Fire Marshall can impose heavy fines or even shut down businesses for egregious fire code violations, and periodic inspections can prevent this unfortunate situation.

4) Insurance

Business ownership often involves enormous liability, so insurance coverage becomes a large part of operating expenses. Many insurance policies require proof of periodic fire safety inspections to maintain coverage. If the business owner can’t provide the inspection reports when submitting a claim for personal injury and or property damage, the insurance company may reject the claim. Instead of saving time and money by not performing the inspections, the business operator may get stuck paying for damages out of pocket.

5) Criminal Liability

Suppose a serious injury or death occurs on a business property due to faulty fire safety precautions. In that case, the business owner may be criminally liable if he can’t produce his required inspection reports. Of course, nobody wants to be held responsible for criminally negligent homicide, and you can avoid this nightmare by staying in compliance with all of your routine fire safety inspections.

6) Intercept Future Problems

Periodic inspection and testing of your fire safety systems can help you stay on top of your equipment. While the system may have been state of the art when installed, it may no longer adequately serve its intended purpose. In addition, changes in building use or technological advancements can make fire safety systems obsolete. Trained professionals can spot antiquated equipment and recommend better solutions to your fire safety needs. 

Not only are routine fire safety inspections required by law, but they can save lives, property, and money over the long run. While you’re legally allowed to perform many of the inspections yourself, most Ontario businesses delegate the responsibility to expert technicians like the ones at All Protect Systems, Inc. 

All Protect has been serving its community with the best fire protection services since 1996. They can customize a fire inspection schedule for all of their business customers, regardless of size. Call them today to find out what they can do for you!

Photo by Kindel Media from Pexels