Fire Alarms

Fire Alarm & Life Safety

We specialize in providing service to anything from a single family dwelling to large apartments or commercial premises. Let us look after all of your life safety systems including fire alarms, fire warning systems, smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, emergency/exit lighting, fire safety plans and fire extinguishers.

Emergency Lighting

Emergency/Exit Lighting

All Protect specializes in monthly and annual testing of your emergency lighting and exit lighting systems. All equipment is documented on our inspection reports and the test results recorded. Our service vehicles are equipped with most common parts so we can repair any items at the time of inspection.

Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguishers

We offer complete fire extinguisher and fire hose inspections, service, maintenance and supply of new components. All service is performed in our service facility located in Waterloo, ON.

Fire Safety Plans

Fire Safety Plans

We will assist you in the complete design and implementation of a fire safety plan. When completed we will look after installing the plan in the building and supplying a fire safety plan box

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