Posted: December 15th, 2022

Section 2.8.2 of the Ontario Fire Code requires most buildings to have a fire safety plan. Acceptable fire safety plans must include detailed information for all aspects of fire safety for your building or property. The plan shall furnish the following information:

The Ontario Fire Marshal determines the exact requirements for your building’s fire safety plan depending on the building type and occupancy rate. Though there are templates and standard formats available for outlining a fire safety plan, you still must construct one specifically for your building’s unique characteristics. 

While they’re required to get your initial certificate of occupancy, your fire plan must be reviewed and updated at least every 12 months or whenever changes to the building use or structure affect fire safety. Even temporary changes to the building can affect fire safety and require temporary adjustments to your fire safety plan.

Areas for Regular Review

Any updates to your fire safety plan undergo the same considerations that involved its original creation. Your periodic audits should identify any variables that influence fire safety. Pay close attention to the following factors:

Periodic consideration of these issues is important, but if any construction or demolition occurs, your fire safety plan must be reviewed and updated to reflect the new building conditions. Carefully consider the ramifications of any building changes during fire safety plan audits.

Fire Safety Plan Objectives

When reviewing your fire safety plan, you should refer back to the plan’s original purpose since it always helps to keep the primary objectives in mind when considering possible alterations. Your building’s plan should consider the following issues: 

Reasons for Periodic Fire Safety Plan Review

Fire safety plan review can seem like another burdensome bureaucratic nuisance, but it’s vitally important to protect both lives and property. Dangerous fires can occur in even the best-protected buildings. While you can’t eliminate the possibility of a fire, a proper fire safety plan gives your building and its occupants the best possible chance to minimize its destructive effects.

Many business owners and managers have a lot of responsibilities that prevent them from taking the time to design and review their fire safety plans. If you’re one of them, you might find it worthwhile to delegate that important responsibility to a trained professional.

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